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Endurance Vs Stamina in Running: Differences, Examples & More

Endurance vs Stamina For Runners: Differences, Examples & More

Are you feeling perplexed about the distinction between endurance and stamina when it comes to running? Don’t worry; you’re certainly not alone! Even the definitions provided by Webster’s Dictionary can be a bit confusing. It’s quite common for individuals striving to enhance their physical fitness to confuse these two vital components. In this article, I’ll…

Introducing the 2023 Limited Edition Salomon & Ciele Colab

Introducing the 2023 Limited Edition Salomon & Ciele Colab

In a much-anticipated collaboration, outdoor sports brand Salomon has joined forces with Canadian running gear specialist Ciele Athletics to introduce a limited-edition collection of vibrant shoes for spring 2023. This partnership explores the fusion of aesthetics, art, and storytelling, encouraging runners to experience a unique sense of freedom and tranquility as they traverse beautiful landscapes.…

Does Running Cause Knee Arthritis? A 2023 Study Says No

Does Running Cause Knee Arthritis? A 2023 Study Says No

In a groundbreaking study conducted during the Chicago Marathon, orthopedic researchers sought to explore the impact of long-distance running on bone and joint health. And more specifically, knee and hip arthritis in recreational runners. The results of the study, which involved the largest survey of marathon runners ever conducted, have shed new light on the…

Salomon Ultra Glide vs Hoka Speedgoat - Trail Runner Review

Salomon Ultra Glide vs Hoka Speedgoat – Trail Runner Review

If you’re seeking a highly cushioned trail running shoe, your search ends here. In this post, we will compare two renowned models from trusted brands in the trail running industry comparing the Salomon Ultra Glide vs Hoka Speedgoat. The Salomon Ultra Glide represents the latest offering from a brand with extensive experience in crafting trail…

Mastering The Arthur Lydiard Training Method A Complete Guide

Mastering The Arthur Lydiard Training Method – A Complete Guide

Discover the Arthur Lydiard Training Method and unlock your true potential as an endurance athlete. Developed by legendary coach Arthur Lydiard, this comprehensive approach has revolutionized distance running by combining aerobic and anaerobic fitness. It emphasizes gradual mileage build-up and includes speed and stamina workouts. Incorporating the Lydiard Method into your regimen can elevate your…

New Study Suggests Running Can Prevent Memory Decline

New Study Suggests Running Can Prevent Memory Decline

A new study suggests that maintaining a regular running regimen throughout middle age can help prevent or slow memory loss associated with aging. The research, conducted by scientists from universities in the United States and Mexico, focused on the effects of long-term exercise on neurons formed during early adulthood. Published in the journal eNeuro, the…