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Maximize Your Stride Strength Training's Impact on Running Economy

Maximize Your Stride: A Study on Strength Training’s Impact on Running Economy

The quest for enhanced running performance in middle- and long-distance runners has long focused on optimizing running economy (RE). A new systematic review with meta-analysis sheds light on how various strength training programs impact RE at different speeds, offering fresh insights for athletes and coaches. Key Takeaways Deep Diving the new Study The groundbreaking study,…

Three Runners Mugged During RMB Ultra-Trail Cape Town Following Elite Athlete's Assault

Three Runners Mugged During RMB Ultra-Trail Cape Town Following Elite Athlete’s Assault

In a series of unfortunate events, the RMB Ultra-Trail Cape Town witnessed not only the mugging of British elite cross-country runner Tom Evans during training but also three additional runners facing a similar ordeal during the 100-mile race. Despite these challenges, the indomitable spirit of the running community prevailed as they pressed on through the…

adidas TERREX Unveils Agravic Speed Ultra The Record Breaking Trail Runners Coming This Spring

adidas TERREX Unveils Agravic Speed Ultra: The Record Breaking Trail Runners Coming This Spring

In the world of trail running, where every second counts and the terrain is unforgiving, adidas TERREX has unveiled a game-changing innovation that promises to redefine speed-focused footwear. The adidas TERREX Unveils Agravic Speed Ultra. These are the shoes that Tom Evans, a trailblazing athlete, clinched victory in, setting a course record at the Western…

PUMA and Ciele Athletics Partner with the Trevor Project 2

PUMA and Ciele Athletics Join Forces to Support The Trevor Project

In a heartwarming alliance, global sportswear giant PUMA and high-performance running brand Ciele Athletics have once again come together to make a difference. This time, their collaboration transcends the realm of fashion and athletics to support a noble cause: The Trevor Project. As September 2023 marks National Suicide Prevention Month, the partnership aims to raise…

Introducing the Hoka Skyline-Float X: Where Trail Meets the Street

Introducing the Hoka Skyline-Float X: Where Trail Meets the Street

Hiking enthusiasts and urban adventurers, get ready to experience the best of both worlds with the brand new Hoka Skyline-Float X. This new hybrid hiker seamlessly blends responsive cushioning and rugged propulsion, making it a trailblazer in the world of outdoor footwear. Hoka has ingeniously incorporated plant-based materials throughout the shoe’s construction, from its soy-based…

Introducing the New adidas SWITCH FWD Road Running Shoe

Introducing the New adidas SWITCH FWD Road Running Shoe

Running enthusiasts, get ready to elevate your running experience to a whole new level with the revolutionary adidas SWITCH FWD road running shoes. Continuing its unwavering commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of athletic footwear, adidas unveils the SWITCH FWD, designed to turn gravity into forward motion. This cutting-edge running shoe is engineered with…

Study Shows V02 Max Can Reduce Risk of Cancer

Study Shows V02 Max Can Reduce Risk of Cancer

Cancer is a significant global health concern, and identifying modifiable risk factors is crucial for developing effective prevention strategies. While physical activity has long been associated with a reduced risk of cancer, a new study delves deeper into a more objective measure of fitness—cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) otherwise known as V02 Max — and its potential…

Introducing the 2023 Limited Edition Salomon & Ciele Colab

Introducing the 2023 Limited Edition Salomon & Ciele Colab

In a much-anticipated collaboration, outdoor sports brand Salomon has joined forces with Canadian running gear specialist Ciele Athletics to introduce a limited-edition collection of vibrant shoes for spring 2023. This partnership explores the fusion of aesthetics, art, and storytelling, encouraging runners to experience a unique sense of freedom and tranquility as they traverse beautiful landscapes.…